(Spaghetti) Sauce and Meatballs

basil tomatoes sauce

First let me say, I really don’t measure everything. These are the ingredients that I find make the best sauce, but sometimes I change it up. Sometimes I throw in finely chopped green peppers, this gives a different flavor. Sometimes I make meat sauce, sometimes sauce and meatballs (recipe below). If you don’t have fresh herbs use dried…it won’t be the same flavor but it will work. Some of my family throws in a couple of hard boiled eggs…I don’t because I find them disgusting…sorry Joe. You can add different meats to sauce to add to the flavor…a couple of ribs…whatever. Experiment, make the sauce your own.

Second, plan on spending a lot of time in the kitchen when you make this. But, remember…this makes a lot of sauce and it freezes very well.

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Country Style Rigatoni

I had this dish at Carmine’s in New York City and fell in love.  We asked the waiter how it was make and then I tweaked it a little to my liking (and also tried to make it a little healthier).  This is a very rustic dish that you can change up to use what’s in your pantry.  Please note – I come from the “eye-balling” school of cooking so the measurements in this recipe may not be extremely accurate.

– Annie

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