Hungry Girl’s Too EZ Mac and Cheese

If you’ve never heard of Hungry Girl, you should definitely check out the site, .  They post recipes for  low fat and low calorie versions of food that would normally be super bad for you.  And if you’re following Weight Watchers, they list all the “points values” right on the recipes.  This Mac & Cheese is addictive and with the addition of cauliflower, it’s low calorie, low fat, very filling and healthy.

HG Mac & Cheese

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Country Style Rigatoni

I had this dish at Carmine’s in New York City and fell in love.  We asked the waiter how it was make and then I tweaked it a little to my liking (and also tried to make it a little healthier).  This is a very rustic dish that you can change up to use what’s in your pantry.  Please note – I come from the “eye-balling” school of cooking so the measurements in this recipe may not be extremely accurate.

– Annie

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